Why bpic ?

Business : The center of all !!! Your Business is the center. You are driving your business and we want you to seat in the driving seat . You need the right information on the journey, destination, timeline. You are defining you mission, vision.

Process : The How to reach the destination again and again, always looking for most efficient way. The knowledge of you process, will help you to define efficient and flexible process. The process are the basis of all combination of interactions that allows your company to execute his mission. The prcess design must be aligned with mission, visions.

Indicators : Ensure you reach the optimum. How to measure your process ? Define the right information from the support reporting up to the dashboard. The budgeting process is one of the most used to demonstrate interaction between process and metrics. But not only budget are targets….

Consulting : Our aim is to help you in all of the above area. It is very ambitious and it is only feasible without your help, support. We aim to help by sharing our knowledge expertise. Our mission is to support and guide you in the process of optimization, deployment, measure and feedback of your company.

Focusing for about 10 years on BI implementation ( former behigh consulting ),as well technically as on the organisational aspect of it, it has become obvious that BI is a support to the Business process. Too many companies, consultants are still doing data warehousing , or BI without “Intelligence”. Why looking at reports if it is not to help you in decision making.

We are willing to emphases the business integration and return aspect of all projects Our strategy is based on a win-win strategy. We learn from your business , you gain from our expertise in a quasi unique integrated approach. No more in a silo approach. Processes are mainly cross domains. We have to be multi domain oriented. No optimization without collaboration !!!

A project will help you to dive into your company, to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, to benchmark the company. All these informations will guide and help you to take the necessary actions in order to exeed your company expectations.

Share Our values :

To ensure a high level of quality, we do apply methodology but we also ask our consultant to share and stick to the value of the company:

Our services

Project management
High profile, experienced people dedicated to manage the complete project business rules, technical knowledge, people management and budgeting issues.

Project leaders
To help you selling within our organization, preparing your projects. A project needs clear sponsoring and follow up to ensure the right direction and quick reactions. A project must be well prepared and understood within the company to ensure a win-win approach of all the participants and impacted departments. This is the role of the project leader to ensure and maintain a clear and high level commitment of everyone.

Strategy consultant
Business experts looking for process improvement and alignment of the process and metrics with the global strategy.

Change Management
There role is to help you to better measure and communicate the changes and impacts on the organization. As well as support you in the organisation of communication and training.

Global consulting
From analyst to developer. From Junior to Senior. They will help you to harmonized all and make happened the planned and designed projects.




We are looking for high level and highly motivated profiles.

If you adhered to our philosophy do not hesitate to send us your CV at cv@bpic.be.


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